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“In her first solo of the evening, “Danglin’”as well as her 11 o’clock number“Strange,” winsome Alex Getlin held the audience in the palm of her hand. Her focusand vulnerability were palpable.”
– New York Theatre Guide

“Alex Getlin’s controlled approach is the one that works wonders.”
– NY Times

“Alex Getlin’s soulful expressions and voice ooze intimacy … She also teamshilariously with (Mamie) Parris in the feminist  “No Women in the Bible.”
– New York Calling Theater

“Alex Getlin has a gorgeous voice and sings one of my favorite Yeston compositions, “Danglin.”  You can feel the heartbreak in every word as Getlin stands perfectly still drawing every emotion from it. She does equally well on the haunting “Strange.”
– Theater Time

Getlin’s rich resonant vibrato in her profoundly moving rendition of ‘Danglin’ and ‘Strange’ number among the highlights of the show.. And in the witty “I Don’t Want to Rock n Roll” … (Getlin, E’Sean & Keyes) harmonies are terrific, the energy is off the charts and the enthusiasm is contagious.”
– DC Metro Theatre Art

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